Jones, Cynan

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(1975-    ) Welsh author much of whose work, though pared down to allegorical sharpness, is nonfantastic. Cove (2017), whose solitary protagonist finds himself at sea drifting on a kayak after a great storm, verges on a sanserif Fantastika, though details are spared us. Three Tales (coll 2018 chap) contains three fantasies for children told as fables. Stillicide (coll of linked stories 2019), comprising a suite of concise Radio tales (performed Summer 2019 BBC), is set in a Near Future unnamed country and city that seems clearly to be British, at a time of ecological degradation (see Climate Change). Water is scarce, the land is under military control, various lives intersect not necessarily without purpose. The austerity of the telling of the tale is unrelenting. [JC]

Cynan Jones

born near Aberaeron, Ceredigion, Wales: 1975


works (selected)

  • Cove (London: Granta, 2017) [pb/]

collections and stories


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