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Semi-annual Semiprozine from a Small Press in trade paperback form ("bookazine"), Winter 1989 to Summer/Fall 1990, 3 issues only, published and edited from California and Colorado by Andy Watson and Mark V Ziesing. This hip, elegant and irreverent periodical ran fiction by a mixture of interesting new writers and better known names (like Paul Di Filippo, Colin Greenland, Rudy Rucker and Lewis Shiner), interviews (William Burroughs and others) and commentary by Lucius Shepard and others on Politics, rock'n'roll, movies and even sf. At 363pp, the last issue was very big. Some stories are sf. If the term New Wave were still used, this would have been a new-wave magazine. At the 1991 Readercon Small Press Awards it was voted the best magazine in two categories, for its fiction and its design. [PN]


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