Kalfař, Jaroslav

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(circa 1990-    ) Czech-born author, in USA from the age of fifteen. His first novel, Spaceman of Bohemia (2017), initially depicts an abstractly conceived journey through the inner Solar System, narrated with an indifferent hauteur as to any literal understanding of the SF Megatext typical of the Mainstream Writer of SF; but in this case savingly aerated by an elated despairingness reminiscent of the sf of Karel Čapek. Having been sent into space in a very Near Future 2018 to examine a Comet that has entered the Milky Way from somewhere else (see Scientific Errors), the trapped protagonist conceives his plight as metaphorical of his dysfunctional marriage. Rescued by a Russian shuttle that may not exist, he returns to Prague, where he seems to have become invisible (see Invisibility). The implications of this worry him (see Franz Kafka). [JC]

Jaroslav Kalfař

born Prague, Czechoslovakia [now Czech Republic]: circa 1990




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