Kalfař, Jaroslav

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(circa1990-    ) Czech-born author, in USA from the age of fifteen. His first novel, Spaceman of Bohemia (2017), initially depicts an abstractly conceived journey through the inner Solar System, narrated with a indifferent hauteur as to any literal understanding of the SF Megatext typical of the Mainstream Writer of SF; but in this case savingly aerated by an elated despairingness reminiscent of the sf of Karel Čapek. Having been sent into space in a very Near Future 2018 to examine a Comet that has entered the Milky Way from somewhere else (see Scientific Errors), the trapped protagonist conceives his plight as metaphorical of his dysfunctional marriage. Rescued by a Russian shuttle that may not exist, he returns to Prague, where he seems to have become invisible (see Invisibility). The implications of this worry him (see Franz Kafka). [JC]

Jaroslav Kalfař

born Prague, Czechoslovakia [now Czech Republic]: circa 1990




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