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(1949-    ) US author who has also written as Shannon Blair and whose first work of interest to the field of the fantastic was her PhD thesis for the University of Chicago, The Nature of Didacticism as Related to Romance and Sexuality in Young Adult Novels, 1965-1978 (1983 microfilm). Her work is almost entirely devoted to Young Adult tales, usually in series. Of sf interest are four series in particular. The Out of This World sequence, beginning with Out of This World #1: Max on Earth (1986) and ending with Out of This World: Max All Over (1989), traces the effects of an Alien on a group of young people. The Last on Earth sequence comprising Last on Earth: The Vanishing (1998), Last on Earth: The Convergence (1998) and Last on Earth: The Return (1999) features a group of students who find themselves the only survivors after a world-wide Disaster. The replica sequence – beginning with replica: Amy, Number Seven (1998) and ending twenty-three volumes later with replica: Amy on her Own (2002) and the three volumes of replica: The Plague Trilogy – focuses initially on the Clone Amy, one of thirteen identical sisters, most of whom share her Psi Powers, but ramifies throughout a wide Near Future setting. The Gifted sequence, beginning with Out of Sight, Out of Mind (2009), focuses on a group of nine high school students, each of whom has a different power; nine volumes are projected. [JC]

Marilyn Janice Kaye

born New Britain, Connecticut: 1949




Out of This World

Last on Earth


Camp Sunnyside Friends

Only one title in this sequence has supernatural content.


individual titles

  • Dream Lover (Mahwah, New Jersey: WestWind (Troll), 1995) [pb/]
  • Demon Chick (New York: Henry Hold, 2009) [hb/]



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