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US Semiprozine published and edited by Teresa Keene, Spokane, Washington; 12 issues, April 1996 to March 1997. A neat, Digest-size booklet, usually of between 40-50 pages, Keene paid 1½¢-a-word, striving to secure a decent pay-base. Her interests were in traditional "classic" forms of science fiction rather than modern trends and she encouraged her contributors to emulate their predecessors but with their own original treatment. Contributors included Michael Ambrose, Jeff Berkwits, Andrew Burt, Don D'Ammassa and Cynthia Ward. In a drive to improve production Keene cut the payment rate to one cent a word and, from November 1996, switched to the letter-size format (see Magazines). Unfortunately, soon after this a family problem forced Keene to stop producing the magazine before she could fulfil its potential. [MA]


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