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(1958-1999) US Games creator and author, brother of William H Keith Jr, with whom he collaborated on the Freedom's Rangers Military SF sequence, beginning with Freedom's Rangers (1989) and ending with Freedom's Rangers: Snow Kill (1991), both writing together as by Keith William Andrews; in each tale, the Rangers intervene through Time Travel in various conflicts, including World War Two and the American revolution, where their Time Police function blossoms into a genuine Changewar, as the Rangers must oppose the Russian KGB's attempts to promote a British victory.

Other collaborations with his brother include March or Die (1992) and Honor and Fidelity (1992), the first two volumes in the Fifth Foreign Legion sequence of Technothrillers also including Andrew Keith's solo Cohort of the Damned (1993), in which human forces on an occupied planet attempt to contain Alien (i.e. indigenous) insurgents. He contributed two Ties to the Wing Commander sequence of Videogames (see also Space Sim), Wing Commander: Heart of the Tiger (1995) and Wing Commander: False Colors (1998), both with William R Forstchen; and other work, some not securely identified. Novels in collaboration with his brother under names like Keith Douglass and H Jay Riker are not sf. [JC]

see also: Traveller.

John Andrew Keith

born 31 August 1958

died 7 August 1999



Combat Command

Freedom's Rangers

Fifth Foreign Legion


Wing Commander


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