Kheir, Mohamed

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(1977-    ) Egyptian journalist and author whose fourth novel, Eflat Al Asabea (2018; trans Robin Moger as Slipping 2021), sophisticatedly represents a Fantastic Voyage through the riches and detritus of post 2011 Egypt via fluent weddings of the topoi of world-Fantastika: dream visions; palimpsests that create edifices of the past and the present and the future; nightmares of bureaucracy wrought to its most ludicrous; glimpses of "traditional" sf modes transacting with the multiplicity of the real world. [JC]

Mohamed Kheir

born Cairo, Egypt: 1977


works (selected)

  • Eflat Al Asabea (Cairo, Egypt: Kotob Khan Publishing House, 2018) [binding unknown/]
    • Slipping (San Francisco, California: Two Lines Press, 2021) [trans by Robin Moger of the above: pb/]


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