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US animated online tv series (2020-current). Netflix Animation. Created by Craig McCracken. Directors and writers include Craig McCracken and Rob Renzetti. Voice cast includes Keith Ferguson, Jack Fisher, Tom Kenny, Amanda C. Miller, Lily Rose Silver and Fred Tatasciore. Ten 16-23 minute episodes (and five shorts). Colour.

When a Spaceship crashes in the desert near his New Mexico home, Kid (Fisher) discovers five coloured rocks: fixated on SF Comic books, he is convinced – rightly as it turns out – they'll give the wearer Superpowers, so glues them to hex nuts to be worn as cosmic power rings. One makes him Telekinetic (initially mistaken for just the ability to fly); Jo (Miller), a waitress at the local roadside cafe, tries another and finds it opens portals; Rosa (Silver), a child, is turned into a giant (see Great and Small); Kid's grandfather, Papa G (Ferguson) is able to replicate himself. The fifth wearer is a stray cat, Tuna Sandwich (Tatasciore), who now has Precognitive powers (fortunately he is eventually fitted with a Universal Translator).

Kid wants to use the rings "to save everybody from evil Alien invaders": one such, Chuck (Kenny), points out there will be no shortage once it is known that the stones are on Earth. Kid's expectations are shaped by his reading – he is upset when Chuck shoots at him without declaiming beforehand: "He didn't do it right ... [picks up comic book] ... this guy here goes on for a page and a half: there are rules!" (see Clichés). Chuck is taken prisoner and sarcastically comments on proceedings, also critiquing a comic book: "Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong ...".

Other aliens duly arrive: one suffocates, unable to breath our atmosphere, the others are seen off, mainly by Rosa; though all but Kid have their moments: he begins to feel useless. Papa G fakes an alien attack for him to defeat, explaining, "He's been hurt too many times in his life." Unfortunately Chuck reveals the deception, mocking Kid and referencing his parents' death – "you're like that bat guy – only without the talent, strength, brains, money or success" (see Batman). However, when his boss proves to have feet of clay, Chuck changes sides.

Then the "Earth Force Enforcement Force" arrives, and – in scenes evoking shows like Super Sentai – takes the rings and sets them in Powered Armour for use by "five elite global super soldiers". They battle five different alien species: Kid notices each has the power of one of the stones and realizes they're only trying to recover what's theirs. The Force's leader is disinterested – with the stones, "Earth ... will be the no.1 superpower of the Galaxy." However, his plans are frustrated and the stones are returned. Kid declares, "Being a hero isn't about forming a fist, it's about extending a hand": he also accepts that Jo is best suited to be the team's leader. The stones are remnants of the aliens' home worlds, destroyed by Erodius, the Planet Killer. Six months later one of the aliens returns, injured – the other four are dead: Erodius is back and thirteen stones will be needed to defeat him. The season ends with the cafe and its environs teleported into space.

Kid Cosmic is very promising, with a good, solid first season: a little schizophrenic – the first half has a lot of Humour, the second is action-focused and more sober. The animation style is Comic book inspired, with interestingly detailed backgrounds, particularly Kid's trailer with its piles of old Superhero comics – we see several pages which are loving pastiches (see Parody) – and items that, like the feel of the show as a whole, date mainly from the 1960s and 1970s (though Jo takes a selfie). [SP]


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