Killus, James P

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(1950-2008) US chemist and author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Son of ETAOIN SHRDLU: More Adventures in Type and Space" for Asimov's with Sharon N Farber, Susanna Jacobson and Dave Stout in June 1981, publishing about twenty stories in all, most of them more ambitious than this initial vignette. His first novel, Book of Shadows (1983), is fantasy; his second, Sunsmoke (1985), undemandingly combines sf and fantasy in a story set in a fog-beset Los Angeles (see California), where the death of a fog researcher (Killus's actual specialization) is tied into the creation of a Monster and the supernatural clearing of the skies. [JC]

James Peter Killus

born Nashville, Tennessee: 1 June 1950

died Grand Rapids, Michigan: 23 September 2008



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