Kindermann, Eberhard Christian

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(1715-?   ) German [ie Saxon] translator and astronomer whose speculations about the existence of at least one moon orbiting Mars are presented in his nonfiction Vollständidge Astronomie ["Complete Astronomy"] (1744), the revision of an earlier work [for details including full titles see Checklist below]. Later that year – in Die Geschwinde Reise auf dem Lufft-Schiff nach der Obern Welt, welche jüngsthin fünff Personen angestellet ["The Speedy Journey by Airship to the Upper World, Recently Taken by Five People"] (1744; trans Dwight R Decker as The Speedy Journey 2014) [for further details again see Checklist] – he translated his claims into a fictional rendering of a Fantastic Voyage to Mars in a sail-driven Balloon. The five protagonists, who may have been in Suspended Animation for the duration of the trip, discover a race of long-lived humanoid Aliens on the new planet, who have used their longevity to become godlike. It has been argued that Kindermann's essayistic tale is the first example of Proto SF in the German language. [JC]

Eberhard Christian Kindermann

born Weißenfels, Duchy of Saxe-Weißenfels [now Saxony-Anhalt, Germany]: 1715


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