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Working name of UK writer and anthologist Hugh Kingsmill Lunn (1899-1949), who remains best known for An Anthology of Invective and Abuse (anth 1929). The Dawn's Delay (coll 1924) contains "The End of the World", of interest for its vision of a solar system populated by various species (> End of the World), and "W.J.", about a Future War in 1966-1972. The Return of William Shakespeare (1929) presents within a sketchy sf frame the thoughts and activities of a Shakespeare reconstituted in the twentieth century (> Arts; Reincarnation); Kingsmill's rendering of Shakespeare is callow. In revised form both of these volumes were assembled as The Dawn's Delay (omni 1948). With Malcolm Muggeridge (1903-1990), he wrote two Satires rendering Near-Future doings in the form of newspaper stories: Brave Old World: A Mirror for The Times (1936) and 1938: A Pre-View of Next Year's News (1938). A much-loved figure, Kingsmill appears in novels and reminiscences of writers like William Gerhardi and Lance Sieveking. [JC]

see also: Sun.

Hugh Kingsmill Lunn

born London: 21 November 1889

died Brighton, East Sussex: 15 May 1949




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