Kubilius, Walter

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(1918-1993) US editor and author involved in American Fandom from as early as 1932, when he was a founder member of the Edison Science Club; by the end of the 1930s, after serving on the committee that created the first Worldcon in 1939, he helped form the Futurians, an activist club several of whose members became influential figures in the genre, as recorded by Damon Knight in The Futurians (1977). Kubilius himself began to publish sf with "Trail's End" for Stirring Science Stories in June 1941, changing his birth name from Kubilis at this point; he wrote twenty-six stories in all, some as by J S Klimaris, some in collaboration with Fletcher Pratt. Around 1952, he became a professional editor of nonfiction magazines and stopped writing. He published no books. [JC]

Walter Kubilius

born Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania: 22 November 1918

died Cape Coral, Florida: 22 September 1993


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