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(?   -    ) US musician and author, whose Tritcheon Hash (2003) is a somewhat gonzo Satire of the modern world, featuring a female Starship pilot from a world called Coney Island to which all the women of Earth had emigrated en masse (see Feminism). We, Robots (2007 chap) is set just before the Singularity, when humans decide their Robots must be given an awareness of the emotional cost of living so they will not abandon us; the tale of subsequent events is pleasingly reminiscent of the work of John T Sladek. [JC]

Sue Lange




  • Tritcheon Hash (Cave Creek, Arizona: Metropolis Ink, 2003) [pb/Joel Basco]
  • We, Robots (Seattle, Washington: Aqueduct Press, 2007) [novella: chap: pb/Tom Duchamp]
  • The Perpetual Motion Club (San Antonio, Texas: Perpetual Motion Machine Publishing, 2013) [pb/Matthew Revert]


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