Lavers, Norman

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(1935-    ) US ornithologist, academic and author whose sf novel, The Northwest Passage (1984), engages in an experiment (see Postmodernism) familiar to readers of the modern novel: the book comprises a "text", complete with a scholarly apparatus which is itself, of course, part of the "text". In this case, a far-future editorial apparatus surrounds (see Ruins and Futurity) the late-twentieth-century scholarly edition of an eighteenth-century manuscript journal recording the last days of a doomed eighteenth-century English expedition to discover the eponymous waterway across the top of North America. As a nuclear Disaster has immured the earlier texts for centuries, the resulting palimpsest of editions is rich in ironies (see Ruins and Futurity). [JC]

Norman Cecil Lavers

born Albany, California: 21 April 1935





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