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Pseudonym of Elizabeth Rhoda Holden (1943-2013), UK author who began publishing Young Adult sf with Andra (1971), and who early became noted for the marked and sensitive intelligence of her settings and characters. Both of her novel series – the Wyndcliffe sequence, comprising The Wyndcliffe (1974) and Sing and Scatter Daisies (1977), and the Llandor sequence, comprising Journey Through Llandor (1995), The Road to Irriyan (1996) and The Shadow of Mordican (1997) – are Fantasy. Most of her singletons are, variously, sf. Notable examples include The Power of Stars (1972), in which an Extraterrestrial force transfixes human teenagers; Star Lord (1978; rev 1987), in which a boy protects the eponymous Alien from the government; Calling B for Butterfly (1982), a Disaster tale whose protagonists survive the destruction of their ocean liner by an Asteroid impact; Children of the Dust (1985), in which Mutant children begin almost immediately to transform a Post-Holocaust world; Ben-Harran's Castle (1992; vt Keeper of the Universe 1993), a Space Opera; and The Disinherited (1994), a Dystopia set in a Near Future Britain; or The Crowlings (1999), which depicts racial tensions (see Race in SF) on a colony planet (see Colonization of Other Worlds). Her shorter work is assembled in Extinction is Forever and Other Stories (coll 1990). Lawrence's calm steeliness and unflinching attention to hard issues should be addressed in any current debate about the proper nature and audience of the Young Adult novel as a category. [JC]

see also: Stars.

Elizabeth Rhoda Holden

born Leatherhead, Surrey: 5 June 1943

died Kiltimagh, Ireland: 6 December 2013





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