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(1979-    ) Canadian author, in USA from early adulthood; her first novel, Zeroboxer (2015), is a Young Adult adventure set in a Space Opera universe with Faster Than Light travel, whose young protagonist, a professional athlete (see Games and Sports) whose gladiatorial entrepreneurial skills expose him to a larger world than he had imagined. The Exo sequence beginning with Exo (2017) is set in the distant Near Future, a century after an Alien Invasion has ended Homo sapiens's self-governance (Climate Change seems consequentially to have been brought under control), though rebel forces persist; in the second volume, the threat that the governing race will withdraw profoundly destabilizes humanity, and threatens the incursions of less helpful civilizations from the stars. The Green Bone Saga sequence is a complex family fantasy whose opening volume, Jade City (2017), tied for be novel in the 2018 World Fantasy Awards. [JC]

Fonda Lee

born Calgary, Alberta: 10 March 1979




Green Bone Saga

  • Jade City (New York: Orbit, 2017) [Green Bone Saga: hb/Shutterstock; Getty Images]
  • Jade War (New York: Orbit, 2019) [Green Bone Saga: hb/Shutterstock; Getty Images]


  • Exo (New York: Scholastic Press, 2017) [Exo: hb/Phil Falco]
  • Cross Fire (New York: Scholastic Press, 2018) [Exo: hb/Phil Falco]

individual titles

  • Zeroboxer (Woodbury, Minnesota: Flux, 2015) [pb/Dominick Finelle]


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