Lee, Walt

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(1931-    ) US film-writer, historian and consultant with a 1954 BS in physics. He was best known in genre circles for his monumental, self-published Reference Guide to Fantastic Films: Volume 1 A-F (1972), Volume 2 G-O (1973) and Volume 3 P-Z (1974), containing upwards of 20,000 entries. Fantasy, occult and horror films feature more largely than pure sf, but the latter is nevertheless dealt with thoroughly. The work remains a useful research tool for anyone dealing with sf Cinema, although commentary on the actual content of the films it covers is very minimal. Lee later collaborated with Richard Delap on a Horror in SF novel about an Alien Shapeshifter, Shapes (1987). [PN]

Walter William Lee Jr

born Eugene, Oregon: 16 August 1931

died 23 November 2014




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