Legend Horror Classics

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UK oversize poster magazine printed on slick paper. Publisher: Legend Publishing, then Harpdown Publishing. Editors: John Barraclough, Kevin O'Neill and Jim Shier. 12 issues 1974 to 1975. Publication schedule was bimonthly.

Poster-format publications were quite popular in the UK during the 1970s appearing from various publishers (see Science Fiction Monthly). This title was somewhat different from Monster Mag in that it also carried Horror Comics drawn by primarily O'Neill, who later became well known in the comics field. Short articles were also featured, and the back covers carried photographs of such performers as Peter Cushing and Bela Lugosi. The comics were dropped with #10, at which point the magazine began devoting each issue to a particular theme: Vampires in #10, Werewolves in #11, and so forth. Legend Horror Classics does not appear to have been distributed in the US. [GSt/DRL]

see also: Media Magazines.

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