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(?   -    ) UK editor and critic who began to publish work of genre interest with a review in Foundation: The Review of Science Fiction #10 for June 1976; he coedited the Forum feature in the next issue, #11/#12 dated March 1977. He is of greatest sf interest for the ambitious but short-lived project The International Science Fiction Yearbook, intended as an annual summation of the sf genre and Fandom under 29 categories including APAs, Anthologies, Awards, book publishing, book clubs, booksellers, Cinema, Conventions, Fanzines, literary agents, obituaries, organizations, Pseudonyms, SF Magazines, SF Music, Television, translators, and so forth. Only one volume appeared, The International Science Fiction Yearbook 1979 (1978), with section introductions by Mike Ashley, Ben Bova, Ramsey Campbell, Darko Suvin and others. The Yearbook contained a good deal of useful information which unfortunately was obfuscated by poor production and design, as well as an eccentric system of alphanumerical categorization in which (for example) the forthcoming Alien (1979) was coded as 22IIAb. Many listings related to 1977 rather than 1978 or 1979. [DRL]

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