Levin, Bernard

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(1928-2004) UK journalist and critic best remembered for his vast output of often polemical and/or satirical newspaper essays, notably in The Times 1971-1997; nine volumes of selections, a small fraction of the total, appeared in book form. Levin's nonfiction A World Elsewhere (1994) is a popular survey of, and meditation upon, the various myths and dreams of Utopia – from ancient legends of Atlantis to speculative writings of the twentieth century. Narrative sf receives its due, with particular acknowledgement to the then-recent history of sf, Trillion Year Spree (1986) by Brian Aldiss and David Wingrove; the dark mirror image of Dystopia is also considered, citing such examples as William Golding's Lord of the Flies (1954). [DRL]

Henry Bernard Levin

born London: 19 August 1928

died London: 7 August 2004

works (highly selected)

  • A World Elsewhere (London: Jonathan Cape, 1994) [nonfiction: hb/from Joachim Uytewael]


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