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(circa 1985-    ) Scottish author who began to publish work of genre interest with "Field Notes from the End of the World" in Shadows & Tall Trees for Spring 2012; early stories, several of them Twice-Tolds [see The Encyclopedia of Fantasy under links below], were assembled in The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales (coll 2012). Her first novel, The Gracekeepers (2015), is set in a moderately distant Near Future world – specifically the borderlands between England and Scotland, now an Archipelago – where Climate Change has caused a significant rising of the waters. The two protagonists represent the kind of lives made necessary for Homo sapiens in the midst of the great change: an Island-dwelling woman, and her eventual lover, who performs in a floating circus with her tame bear. Their complex union prefigures a Posthuman future on the transformed planet. Logan's second novel, The Gloaming (2018), set on a single Island, plays Equipoisally with fantasy: a mermaid may be fake, or a Monster, or something transcendent; the transfiguration of dying islanders into stone effigies seems, on the other hand, unambiguous. Some of the coming-of-age pages are Young-Adult-ish. [JC]

Kirsty Logan

born Scotland: circa 1985



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