MacLennan, Hugh

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(1907-1990) Canadian author who early published two Dystopian tales, "The Finding of the Way" (29 April 1955 The Montrealer) and "Remembrance Day, 2010 A.D." (December 1957 The Montrealer), but almost all of whose works, like his second novel, Two Solitudes (1945), lay outside the field and were shaped by the search for a Canadian national myth. His only sf novel, Voices in Time (1980), whose Post-Holocaust frame story is set in Montréal in 2039 CE after a nuclear World War Three, reflects the failure of that search in a dour meditation on the cycles of Canadian history as a new Dark Age clamps down. [JC]

see also: Canada.

John Hugh MacLennan

born Glace Bay, Nova Scotia: 20 March 1907

died Montreal, Quebec: 9 November 1990



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