Mandrake the Magician

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US newspaper Comic strip (1934-2013) created by Lee Falk – also the creator of The Phantom – and for many years drawn by Phil Davis (1906-1964); subsequently by Fred Fredericks (1929-2015), who also wrote the strip for many years after Falk's death but retired in 2013. The caped and top-hatted Mandrake is a master of Hypnosis, imposing his illusions on criminals, Mad Scientists and other foes by mere gesture: "Mandrake gestured hypnotically ..." There have also been various Mandrake standalone Comics, e.g. from King Comics 1966-1967; a 1940-1942 Radio serial; and a twelve-part Cinema serial (1939). Mandrake leads the titular superhero team in the animated Television series Defenders of the Earth (1986-1987). [DRL]


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