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(1971-    ) Australian veterinarian, writer and editor, married to Bill Congreve. Her debut novel won the George Turner Prize for the best unpublished novel in 2000 and was published as Blue Silence (2002). The novel revolves around two earth-orbit Space Habitats, already at loggerheads over lifestyle and resources, on one of which an unknown Spaceship lands. The craft somewhat resembles a long-lost spacecraft that went missing with a small crew many years previously – but now contains a large number of both Alien and seemingly human crew. The main action, coming in the immediate aftermath of a period of quarantine, is of the ongoing political and personal problems exacerbated by the influx of the aliens. By the end of the book neither the fate of the original "lost" crew nor the motives of the aliens are fully understood. Marquardt was the editor, with Bill Congreve, of the first four volumes of the Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy series between 2005 and 2008, winning a Ditmar Award for the 2006 edition. [RR]

Michelle Marquardt

born Sydney, New South Wales: 1971



  • Blue Silence (Sydney, New South Wales: Bantam Books Australia, 2002) [hb/Nick Stathopoulos]

works as editor


Year's Best Australian Science Fiction and Fantasy


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