McEvoy, Seth

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(?1948-    ) US author. His Not Quite Human sequence of young-adult sf tales is about a teenage Android, beginning with Not Quite Human #1: Batteries Not Included (1985) and ending with Not Quite Human #6: Killer Robot (1986). The Arcade Explorers sequence, all written with Laure Smith, begins with Arcade Explorers #1: Save the Venturians! (1985) and ends with Arcade Explorers #4: The Magnetic Ghost of Shadow Island (1985). He also wrote two titles for the Explorer sequence: Destination: Brain (1987) and Escape from Jupiter (1987). We do not list his Intergalactic Spy sequence of graphic puzzle books.

McEvoy has also written one nonfiction text of interest, Samuel R. Delany (1985), a bio-critical study of the writer. [JC]

Seth McEvoy

born ?1948




Not Quite Human

Arcade Explorers


individual titles


  • Samuel R. Delany (New York: Frederick Ungar Publishing Co, 1984) [nonfiction: Samuel R Delany: hb/Martin Quint]


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