McGrady, Rev T

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(1863-1907) Irish-born Roman Catholic priest and author, in the US from early adulthood; in Beyond the Black Ocean (1901), a temperate Lost World within the Arctic Circle turns out to comprise an Archipelago (see also Islands) of societies, each founded by refugees from various countries in the outside world, strays from America inhabiting the island of Toadia, and so forth. The original inhabitants of this virtual Pocket Universe are the Lost Tribes of Israel, whose Technology is in advance of that in the outside world. There are Communications with Mars. An Irish visitor (and later inhabitant) attempts, in the end successfully, to create a socialist Utopia, helped by his Invention of a heavily-armed electric Airship (see Pax Aeronautica). McGrady was himself a socialist, and eventually left the priesthood. [JC]

The Reverend Thomas McGrady

born Ireland: 6 June 1863

died Kenton, Kentucky: 26 November 1907



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