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(1910-1974) UK practising physician and author whose first sf novel, The Man They Couldn't Kill (1944), introduces the vastly talented Dr D'eath, a Superman capable of inducing Hypnotic trances at a distance and of scientifically arranging for souls to take out-of-body excursions. Falsely convicted of a murder, D'eath clears his name and might have starred in a sequence of Doc Savage-like adventures had the book been successful. Meyers is best known for the later Dolphin series about the relationship and modes of Communication between dolphins and humans: Dolphin Boy (1967; vt Dolphin Rider 1968), Daughters of the Dolphin (1968) and Destiny and the Dolphins (1969). Meyers's style is wooden, but his interest in dolphins is obviously profound, and the novels are easy reading, though their mixture of melodrama and didacticism may not be to everyone's taste. [JC]

see also: Under the Sea.

Roy Lethbridge Meyers

born Hounslow, Middlesex: 17 November 1910

died Stogumber, Somerset: 13 February 1974




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