Miller, Marc

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(1947-    ) US Game designer, inducted into the Academy of Adventure Gaming Arts and Design Hall of Fame in 1981. Miller was an important figure in the early development of the US Role Playing Game and Wargame industries, both as a founder of Game Designers' Workshop – one of the earliest companies enthusiastic about creating science-fictional games – and as the designer of the influential Triplanetary (1973), one of the first designs he had published. He has shown a sustained interest in Space Opera as a subject for games, most notably as the primary designer of Traveller (1977) and its setting of the Third Imperium, one of the most extensively detailed milieux in the whole of sf. Miller was also an early proponent of modern games as a storytelling medium; in the rules for the sf Wargame Imperium (1977) (see Traveller), which first introduced the Third Imperium, he suggested playing through a series of games as a way of generating a unique Future History. [NT]

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Marc William Miller

born 1947



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