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(?   -    ) US author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Haunting Your House" in The Red Volume: An Anthology of Stories by the Awkward Robots (anth 2008 ebook) edited by The Awkward Robots, most of his early work being fantasy or horror, though his first novel, the Young Adult The Art of Starving (2017), Equipoisally offers hints as well of an sf explanation for the mysterious Superpowers acquired by the young protagonist, who has gone on a prolonged fast. This novel won the Andre Norton Award (see Nebula) for young-adult fiction.

Miller's second novel, Blackfish City (2018), is set in Quaanaaq, a highly urban Keep floating in a Near Future Arctic Circle awash with free water due to Climate Change; the tale takes place a little later than "Calved" (September 2015 Asimov's), where its creation is depicted. The world now kept at bay by the inhabitants of this City is Dystopian on familiar though Infodump-heavy lines; but not unexpectedly a visitor, in this case a woman "nanobonded" to an orca and a polar bear, exposes flaws and stresses threatening the inherently precarious refuge from planetary consequence. [JC]

Sam J Miller

born Huson, New York: 7 February 1979





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