Mind of Mr Soames, The

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Film (1969). Amicus. Directed by Alan Cooke. Written by John Hale, Edward Simpson, from The Mind of Mr Soames (1961) by Charles Eric Maine. Cast includes Nigel Davenport, Terence Stamp and Robert Vaughn. 98 minutes. Colour.

Soames (Stamp) has been in a coma since birth and is now 30 years old. A neurosurgeon (Vaughn) brings him to consciousness with a brain operation. Now a sexually mature man, his brain is a blank slate for life to write on. Stamp's performance as the innocent who escapes his teachers too soon, and who turns violent when society treats him violently, is touching; through the pulp Clichés a genuine thoughtfulness about the nature of education and learning is dimly apparent. In its theme this small-scale, rather solemn UK film resembles Charly (1968). [PN]


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