Moebius Trip

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US Fanzine (1969-1980) edited from Peoria, Illinois by Edward C Connor. 28 issues from 1960 to July 1980, issues #17-#28 (including the double issue #23/#24) being retitled S.F. Echo or Moebius Trip Library's S.F. Echo for Connor's much earlier fanzine Science Fiction Echo, launched June 1942. Moebius Trip was a substantial, duplicated fanzine, unusually bound in paperback book format rather than in standard US quarto size. Contents were varied; there was normally a substantial book review section. Contributors included Eddy C Bertin, Philip José Farmer, Leslie A Fiedler, William Rotsler (cartoons) and Jack Wodhams. A long and useful series of interviews with sf authors was also published in this fanzine. [PR/DRL]

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