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Working name of French medical doctor, politician and author Jules Antoine Moilin (1832-1871), whose socialist Utopia, Paris en l'An 2000 (1869; trans Brian Stableford as Paris in the Year 2000 2013), envisions a pedestrian-dominated Paris in 2000 CE, a metropolis whose intricate arcades, "street-galleries", walkways and civil intersections create an intimacy already (in reality) lost through Baron Hausmann's radical modernizing of the city during the 1860s, and subsequently rendered practically inconceivable after the invention of the internal-combustion engine. Heavy commerce, in Moilin's Paris, is restricted to a network of Underground railways. Paris en l'An 2000 is cited respectfully several times in Das Passagen-Werk (1982; trans Howard Eiland and Kevin McLaughlin as The Arcades Project 1999) by Walter Benjamin (1892-1940) (see Cities). Moilin was executed for his role in the Commune during the siege of Paris. [JC]

Jules Antoine Moilin

born Cosne-sur-Loir, Nièvre, Burgundy, France: 21 May 1832

died Paris: 28 May 1871 [executed]



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