Monster Madness

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Letter-size saddle-stapled Cinema magazine printed on cheap newsprint. Published by Curtis Distribution, a subsidiary of Marvel Comics. Editor: Stan Lee. Three issues, 1972 to 1973.

Another Marvel Comics attempt at a Humour title, this magazine expanded its contents with the third issue to include film reviews, columns and fan material; this proved to be the final issue, so how it might have developed remains unknown. Most of the content comprised black-and-white photographs from various vintage Horror films with putatively amusing word-captions attached. The mild importance of Monster Madness is that it led to Marvel's major magazine Monsters of the Movies in the following year. Incidentally, almost all 1970s Marvel horror magazine-format titles including this one carried the unofficial "Marvel Monster Group" logo in the upper left corner of the cover, usually featuring one of the publisher's Monster characters as a sort of magazine host. [GSt/DRL]

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