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Letter-size saddle-stapled Cinema magazine printed on newsprint-quality paper. Seven issues, 1967 to 1970, from M & H Publications. Editor and publisher: Larry Ivie (?1936-2014). Publication schedule was nominally bi-monthly, but in fact very erratic.

A high-quality magazine which also covered Comics and featured considerable material on Edgar Rice Burroughs, it was largely written and illustrated by Ivie himself; he painted the covers for all seven issues. Of particular interest to Burroughs fans were the back covers, carrying Ivie's alternative dust-jacket artwork for various Burroughs novels. Subjects covered included Superhero Television adaptations both live and animated; such past television series as Captain Video (1949-1953; 1955-1956); film serials; and Radio programmes such as Captain Midnight, The Green Hornet, and many others. Comics artist Bernie Wrightson contributed some of his earliest work here. Ivie wrote and illustrated Altron-Boy, a teenage superhero who gained modest Superpowers including enhanced strength and the ability to fly by using a belt made of "altron", a metal was developed by his late uncle for Germany during World War Two. Altron-Boy's primary foe was the Mad Scientist Voltar who sought world conquest from a hidden Island base and constantly tried to steal the belt. Efforts to produce Altron-Boy as an animated or live-action television programme, inspired by the success of Batman (1966-1968), ultimately came to nothing. Unfortunately Monsters and Heroes never seemed to achieve sufficient distribution to become fully viable. Ivie was connected with other film magazines, and also published artwork in such contemporary SF Magazines as Amazing and Galaxy; his illustrations were of good quality and it is regrettable that he was not more prolific. [GSt]

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