Morgan, Chris

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(1946-    ) UK editor, critic and author who began publishing work of genre interest with "Clown Fish and Anemone" for Science Fiction Monthly in 1975. His fiction is generally unexceptional, though some stories – such as "Losing Control" (in Other Edens III, anth 1989, ed Christopher Evans and Robert Holdstock), about the crew of a crashed Starship who survive by means of incestuous marriage and a strange form of symbiosis with an Alien species – involve interesting and innovative ideas. Morgan's main contribution has been as a critic, notably in The Shape of Futures Past: The Story of Prediction (1980), a comprehensive and valuable survey of pre-1945 Predictions about the future. Future Man (1980) is a history of sf speculations on possible biological and behavioural changes in humanity. [NT]

see also: Pseudoscience.

Chris Morgan

born Oxford, Oxfordshire: 1946




works as editor

  • Dark Fantasies (London: Century Hutchinson/Legend, 1989) [anth: hb/from Caspar David Friedrich]


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