Morselli, Guido

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(1912-1973) Italian author of at least eight works of fiction, all of which were rejected by Italian publishers during his life, which ended in suicide. Some are of sf interest. Roma senza Papa ["Rome Without the Pope"] (written 1966-1967; 1974) is a Satire on the Catholic Church, and upon its attempts to "modernize" itself, set in 1997; Dissipatio H.G. ["The Dissolution of the Human Race"] (written 1972-1973; 1977) is a Last Man tale in which an attempted suicide, returning to the world, finds it absolutely empty.

Contro-passato prossimo: un'ipotesi retrospettiva (written 1969-1970; 1975; trans Hugh Shankland as Past Conditional: A Retrospective Hypothesis 1989) is an Alternate History of the first two decades of the twentieth century whose Jonbar Point is the successful Austrian invasion of Italy through a plausibly described Alpine tunnel during World War One, which the Allies then lose. As a positive consequence of this outcome, the European military fails to wound European civilization fatally in the trenches; a second consequence is the establishment of a federal Europe, whose first president is Max Planck. [JC]

see also: Italy.

Guido Morselli

born Bologna, Italy: 15 August 1912

died Varese, Italy: 30 July 1973



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