Mr Hublot

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Luxembourg/French short animated film (2013). ZEILT productions, WATT frame. Directed by Alexandre Espigares and Laurent Witz. Written by Laurent Witz. No dialogue. 11 minutes. Colour.

Mr Hublot takes in a stray dog, but it grows far too large for his apartment, so the pair move into a nearby derelict warehouse where they live happily. Mr Hublot has OCD and works alone at home; so the dog is both a trial and a comfort, but chiefly the latter.

Mr Hublot, the dog and all other characters are Robots living in a Steampunk City; the look is 1950s rather than Victorian, though everyone does wear goggles. The story is functional but charming – the scene where Mr Hublot appears to consider putting the dog down will fool no one – but the main appeal is the detailed animation of the city and its inhabitants, which is a delight.

The film's design is based on the sculptures of Belgian artist Stéphane Halleux. It won the Oscar for Best Animated Short Film 2013. [SP]


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