Mysterious Wu Fang, The

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US Pulp magazine, seven issues September 1935 to March 1936, monthly, published by Popular Publications; edited by Edythe Seims working for Rogers Terrill. Intended to capitalize on the popularity of Sax Rohmer's Dr Fu-Manchu (featured in films and a radio series of the period; see Fu Manchu), The Mysterious Wu Fang showed the "Dragon Lord of Crime" seeking world domination, sometimes using sf means in the attempt. The novels were by the prolific Robert J Hogan, who was simultaneously producing G-8 and His Battle Aces; the first of them, The Case of the Six Coffins, was reprinted in Pulp Classics #8 (1975 chap), one of a series published by Robert E Weinberg. The fourth in the series, was reprinted by Wildside Press as The Case of the Suicide Tomb (December 1935; 2005). Dr Yen Sin was a near-identical follow-up from the same publisher. [MJE/FHP/MA]

see also: Yellow Peril.


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