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US/Canadian Online Magazine produced by Kevin L McPherson and Jonathon M Sullivan, which ran from April 1998 to February 2002 but of which all online record has now been lost or is inaccessible. Initially bimonthly, it saw at least seventeen issues and may have attained a monthly schedule by 2001, but the sheer workload involved at the time when there was considerable flux in the world may have contributed to its demise. It paid a graduated rate to contributors so is classified as a Semiprozine, though rates were not high. For the time, pre-broadband, it had attractive story illustrations and quick hyperlinks to stories. It also initiated one of the earliest tracking systems for submissions. Sullivan, a qualified doctor, contributed the regular science column "Quantum Meat", some examples of which have been salvaged on his "Sullydog" website; but none of the Neverworlds stories seem to have been reprinted. Contributors included P D Cacek, William R Eakin, David L Felts, Ken Rand, Karina Sumner-Smith and Tim Pratt. [MA]


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