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US/Canadian Online Magazine produced by Kevin L McPherson and Jonathon M Sullivan, which ran from at least June/July 1998 to February 2002 but of which all online record has now been lost or is inaccessible. It was initially bimonthly, but seems to have maintained a monthly schedule by 2001 and the sheer workload of this at the time when there was considerable flux in the world may have contributed to its demise. It paid a graduated rate to contributors so classified as a semi-prozine, though rates were not high. For the time, pre-broadband, it had attractive story illustrations and quick hyperlinks to stories. It also initiated one of the earliest tracking systems for submissions. Sullivan, a qualified doctor, contributed the regular science column "Quantum Meat", some examples of which have been salvaged on his "Sullydog" website; but none of the Neverworlds stories seem to have been reprinted. Contributors included P D Cacek, William R Eakin, David L Felts, Ken Rand, Karina Sumner-Smith and Tim Pratt. [MA]


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