Newcomb, Simon

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(1835-1909) Canadian-born author, in the USA from 1853, of texts on and studies in Astronomy and Mathematics. In his Edisonade, His Wisdom, the Defender: A Story (1900), future historians tell how a professor discovers a limitless Power Source in 1941, is responsible for the Invention of an Antigravity device, and after creating a private army – equipping it with futuristic armour – takes over the world from the air, establishes a Pax Aeronautica and prohibits war. In "The End of the World" (May 1903 McClure's) a black body from space hits the Sun, devastating the world. The few who survive Underground realize that aeons must pass before civilization may rise again. [JC]

see also: Weapons.

Simon Newcomb

born Wallace, Nova Scotia: 12 March 1835

died Washington, District of Columbia: 11 July 1909



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