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US Fanzine (1962-1998) edited from New Hampshire by Ed Meskys alone for the first five issues, when it was a small, personal fanzine, then with Felice Rolfe and Anne Chatland from #6, Chatland dropping out after #8. Under Meskys and Rolfe, Niekas established itself as a large and variegated magazine containing a mixture of articles, but with particular emphasis on Fantasy and J R R Tolkien. Al Halevy's "Glossary of Middle Earth" was first published in Niekas. Niekas ceased publication with #20 in 1968, only to be revived with #21 in 1977. At the time of this encyclopedia's second edition in 1993, Meskys – by now blind – was listed as editor-in-chief and Mike Bastraw as editor and designer. The final issue #48 (1998) gave Meskys as publisher and Joe R Christopher as editor.

Contributors to Niekas included Piers Anthony, Isaac Asimov, Anthony Boucher, Algis Budrys, Avram Davidson, Philip K Dick, Raymond Z Gallun, Jack Gaughan, Harry Harrison, Sam Moskowitz – notably in a long postal interview conducted by Jeffrey Elliot and filling the special issue #43a (September 1991), guest-edited and introduced by Fred Lerner – Andre Norton, Alexei Panshin, Jerry Pournelle, Donald A Wollheim and Roger Zelazny. Niekas won the Hugo for Best Fanzine in 1967. [PR/RH/DRL]

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