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(1963-    ) US artist and author whose first full-length prose fiction, The Time-Traveler's Wife (2003), which was filmed as The Time Traveler's Wife (2009), carries its protagonist willy-nilly through a number of Timeslips caused by a genetic condition called Chrono-Displacement (see Imaginary Science); during the course of these sometimes dangerous displacements he falls in love with the soon-to-be eponymous teenage heiress, and she with him; in the end, they discover that their daughter is also capable of Time Travel. Of her Graphic Novels, The Adventuress (graph 2005) and The Night Bookmobile (graph 2010) are fantasy. Her Fearful Symmetry (2009), a fantasy set in London, is a complex ghost story involving Doppelgangers. Bizarre Romance (coll 2018) with Eddie Campbell assembles short stories, some couched in pictorial form by Campbell; most of the tales are fantasy. Ghostly: A Collection of Ghost Stories (anth 2015) is adroitly assembled. [JC]

Audrey Anne Niffenegger

born South Haven, Michigan: 13 June 1963


works (selected)

  • The Time-Traveler's Wife (San Francisco, California: MacAdam/Cage Publishing, 2003) [hb/Tim Heatherington]
  • The Three Incestuous Sisters (London: Jonathan Cape/New York: Harry N Abrams, 2005) [graphic novel: illus/hb/Audrey Niffenegger]
  • The Adventuress (New York: Harry N Abrams, 2006) [graphic novel: illus/hb/Audrey Niffenegger]
  • Her Fearful Symmetry (New York: Scribner, 2009) [hb/Skye Chalmers]
  • The Night Bookmobile (New York: Abrams ComicArts, 2010) [graphic novel: illus/hb/Audrey Niffenegger]
  • The Raven Girl (New York: Abrams ComicArts, 2010) [chap: graphic novel: illus/hb/Audrey Niffenegger]
  • Bizarre Romance (New York: Abrams Comic Arts, 2018) with Eddie Campbell [coll: some stories graph: illus/hb/Eddie Campbell]

work as editor


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