Night Caller, The

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Film (1965; vt Blood Beast from Outer Space). Armitage Films. Directed by John Gilling. Written by Jim O'Connolly, from The Night Callers (1960) by Frank R Crisp. Cast includes Alfred Burke, Maurice Denham, Patricia Haines and John Saxon. 84 minutes. Black and white.

Very-low-budget UK film, made with some genuine style by Gilling, who had previously made good horror films for Hammer. However, the story – an Alien aims to provide women (whom he finds by advertising for models) for genetic experiments back home on Ganymede – is pure pulp. The alien is tracked down by two Scientists (he strangles the female one, well played by Haines) who have come across his energy transmitter. The film should not be confused, under its US title, with the US Night of the Blood Beast (1958) or the British The Blood Beast Terror (1967). [PN]


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