Octopus, The

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US Pulp magazine, one issue, February/March 1939, published by Popular Publications, New York; edited by Ejler and Edith Jakobsson. The issue was confusingly designated Vol 1 #4, because it was a retitling (though not a continuation) of Western Raider magazine. Title changes were not uncommon when a publisher wished to keep mailing permits without having to reapply. The Octopus could hardly have been further removed from its wild west antecedent. It was a Villain-orientated character pulp, and its feature novel, "The City Condemned to Hell" by Randolph Craig (Norvell W Page), was actually a rewritten Spider story; the evil Octopus broadcasts a Ray that turns people into Monsters. It was reprinted as Pulp Classics #11 (1976) (see Robert E Weinberg). To further confuse collectors the next issue was retitled The Scorpion. [MA]


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