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(?   -    ) US author, active from around 2005, who has written detective fiction and horror under his own name. As Henry V O'Neil he is of sf interest for his Military SF series, the Sim War sequence beginning with Glory Main (2012), which begins in fairly typical fashion with its protagonist soldier forced into an extreme situation in a Space Opera frame, as the war with the Sims – so named because they are indistinguishable from us – intensifies. As the sequence continues, the initial protagonist's relationship with his powerful family contributes to an increasing sense that the initial War was problematic from the first. [JC]

Vincent H O'Neil



works (selected)


The Sim War

  • Glory Main (Scotts Valley, California: CreateSpace, 2012) [The Sim War: pb/]
  • Orphan Brigade (New York: Harper Voyager Impulse, 2015) [The Sim War: pb/]
  • Dire Steps (New York: Harper Voyager Impulse, 2015) [The Sim War: pb/]
  • CHOP Line (New York: Harper Voyager Impulse, 2016) [The Sim War: pb/]
  • Live Echoes (New York: Harper Voyager Impulse, 2017) [The Sim War: pb/]


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