Orbit Science Fiction

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US Digest-size magazine, published by Hanro Corp, New York; edited by Jules Saltman. Five issues [Fall] 1953 to November/December 1954, the first two undated. All stories were chosen by Donald A Wollheim, uncredited. Orbit Science Fiction was a middling-quality magazine that fell victim to the inundation of the market with too many sf magazines in the early 1950s. A story in the Tex Harrigan series by August Derleth appeared in every issue, and #4 (September-October 1954) contained "Adjustment Team" by Philip K Dick – eventually, though not very faithfully, filmed as The Adjustment Bureau (2011) – and "Beast in the House" by Michael Shaara. Other contributors include Charles Beaumont, Gordon R Dickson, Chad Oliver, Mack Reynolds and Jack Vance. An abridged Australian edition of #1 only, in Pulp format, was published by Consolidated Press, Sydney, in 1954. [FHP/PN/MA]


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