Parkin, Lance

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(1971-    ) UK author associated with the Doctor Who universe, beginning with contributions to Doctor Who Fanzines, moving on to nonfiction books about the universe, such as A History of the Universe (1996), and concentrating subsequently on fiction, beginning with Doctor Who: The Missing Adventures: Cold Fusion (1996). Other nonfiction books include The Pocket Essential Alan Moore (2001 chap) (see Alan Moore) and Beyond the Final Frontier: An Unauthorized Review of the Star Trek Universe on Television and Film (2003) with Mark Jones (see Star Trek). [JC]

Lance Parkin

born 3 September 1971




Doctor Who Missing Adventures

Doctor Who New Adventures

Doctor Who: Past Doctors

Doctor Who: The 8th Doctor

Faction Paradox

Professor Bernice Summerfield

  • The Big Hunt (Maidenhead, Berkshire: Big Finish Productions, 2005) [tie to the series: Professor Bernice Summerfield: hb/Adrian Salmon]

Doctor Who New Series

Time Hunter



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