People that Time Forgot, The

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Film (1977). Amicus. Directed by Kevin Connor. Written by Patrick Tilley, Connor Carter, Maurice Carter, based on The Land that Time Forgot (stories September-November 1918 Blue Book; fixup 1924) by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Cast includes Sarah Douglas, Dana Gillespie, Doug McClure, Thorley Walters and Patrick Wayne. 90 minutes. Colour.

After the mild success of The Land that Time Forgot (1975) and At the Earth's Core (1976), made by the same company, a third Burroughs Lost-World adaptation was inevitable, but Tilley's screenplay lacked the tautness and the mild ironies of that by James Cawthorn and Michael Moorcock for The Land that Time Forgot. This time around the Monsters are perfunctory, and the added feminist subplot ends up as more notably male chauvinist than the Burroughs original. [PN]


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