Pocock, Roger

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(1865-1941) UK adventure, journalist and author, noted for having interviewed Butch Cassidy, and for founding the patriotic Legion of Frontiersmen in 1905. The Chariot of the Sun: A Fantasy (1910) depicts a 1980 UK governed along the lines of Medieval Futurism: the reigning monarchy enforces a medieval life style, while at the same time advances in Technology have allowed Britain to maintain a Pax Aeronautica through the use of wireless Power Sources. In independent Lyonesse (ie Cornwall), however, an American entrepreneur operates a fleet of Airships powered by Antigravity. The workers revolt, and Invasion threatens, but in the end the monarchy is preserved, and a royal marriage is in the offing. The Wolf Trail (1923) is a Lost Race told in fantasy terms. [JC]

Henry Roger Ashwell Pocock

born Tenby, Wales: 9 November 1865

died Weston-super-Mare, Somerset: 12 November 1941



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