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US low-paying downloadable Online Magazine produced by Casey Seda, Pendleton, South Carolina; quarterly from March 2010 to June 2011; 5 issues. Though close to being a Fanzine because a sizable portion of each of the first three issues covered local sf and fantasy Conventions, these were redeemed by including interviews with the various Guests of Honour, including Peter S Beagle, Catherynne M Valente and Bob Eggleton. An attractively produced magazine, each issue was a slim 30 pages or so and ran three short stories with a broad spectrum of speculative fiction. They have ranged from an intriguing blend of hard science and mystical revelation in "The Sonic Tomography Experiments of Dr Ira Taylor" (June 2010 #2) by Chris Peterson to the Science Fantasy of "Salary Ninja" (September 2010 #3) by Aidan Doyle, which suggests an electronic demon that can manifest itself from mobile phones. Pressure of work led to the magazine being suspended. [MA]


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